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Cost of Living

A cost of living index (COLI) is meant to quickly show you how much things cost in one city compared to another. The "average U.S. city" has an index of 100. Cities with a COLI of less than 100 are less expensive, and cities with a COLI of more than 100 are more expensive.

To get even more specific, think about it in terms of dollars. If a typical house in the "average US city" costs $100, then it will only be $61 in Greenville, NC. Since we know that's nonsense, let's make it more real. If a typical home in the average U.S. city costs $200,000 (2 x 100,000), then the average home in Greenville would only cost $122,000 (2 x 61,000).

Cost of Living Index Comparison

Cost of Living Comparison

Cost of Living Index Comparison Details

Cost of Living Comparison Index Details


Greenville (35 square miles) and Pitt County (656.52 square miles) are located in the north central coastal plains region of Eastern North Carolina, 85 miles east of Raleigh, 87 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean, 157 miles from Richmond VA, 265 miles south of Washington DC, and 485 miles from Atlanta GA.