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State Taxes

  • Sales Tax = 4.75% (State of NC) + 2.25% (Pitt County) = 7.00% (combined sales tax rate)
  • No sales tax on Machinery & Equipment used in manufacturing processes, however there is a 1% franchise tax, not to exceed $80 per article
  • No inventory tax in North Carolina
  • NC Corporate Income Tax = 4.0% (2016); plans call for reduction to 3.0% in 2017 (rate reductions are dependent on reaching specific revenue targets)
  • NC Personal Income Tax = 5.75%

Local Taxes

Property Tax Rates:
  $0.52 per $100 of assessed value (City of Greenville)
+ $0.686 per $100 of assessed value (Pitt County) 
= $1.206 per $100 of assessed value (Combined Tax Rate) 


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