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State Taxes

  • Sales Tax = 4.75% (State of NC) + 2.25% (Pitt County) = 7.00% (combined sales tax rate)
  • No sales tax on Machinery & Equipment used in manufacturing processes, however there is a 1% franchise tax, not to exceed $80 per article
  • No inventory tax in North Carolina
  • NC Corporate Income Tax = 4.0% (2016); plans call for reduction to 3.0% in 2017 (rate reductions are dependent on reaching specific revenue targets)
  • NC Personal Income Tax = 5.75%

Local Taxes

Property Tax Rates:
  $0.52 per $100 of assessed value (City of Greenville)
+ $0.686 per $100 of assessed value (Pitt County) 
= $1.206 per $100 of assessed value (Combined Tax Rate) 


East Carolina University is closely aligned with the community and region we call home, and we accept the challenges of eastern North Carolina as our own. We are 'open for business' collaborating daily with our education, industry, government, military and community partners. Whether preparing an innovation workforce, fueling new science and technologies, launching young entrepreneurs, creating new products, strengthening communities, or supporting job and investment creation, we remain committed economic development partners.