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State grant helps Greenville company add 15 jobs

The following article appeared on WNCT 9's website on May 23, 2017:

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A local business just received a grant for over $150,000 through the Building Reuse Grant.

The grant helps businesses who are expanding and renovating a vacant building offset construction costs of the renovations or expansion.

It’s an extreme vetting process by the state and businesses compete against one another across the state for the grant.

Officials from the Greenville Economic Department said with the expansion of a local business it will pump more money back into the city.

It isn’t the first time a business in Greenville has gotten the grant. Previously, the Pitt Street Brewing Company received it a few years ago.

“This grant is good because it helps provide jobs and it helps reuse buildings that are existing and putting them back on the tax rolls, which is good for the cities and the counties,” said George Saad, owner of Caremaster LLC. “Then, [it’s] also [good] for the state for providing jobs which in turn provides more employment for your community.”

City officials said for any business to receive the full amount at the end of this fiscal year is astonishing.

“You’re bringing 15 new jobs in here, 15 good paying jobs, you’re also taking a building that isn’t creating much tax space for the city, renovating it, increasing the value of it, so again that building becomes an economic hub,” commented Christian Lockamy, Economic Development Liaison for the City of Greenville.

The city hopes to inspire other businesses to apply for the grant to help create more jobs and make Greenville a larger target on the map.