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New Software to Enhance Greenville Development Process

A new permitting software system that will be used by the City of Greenville Inspections Division is expected to enhance the development process in the rapidly growing city.
Beginning February 11, 2019, the City will implement Energov, a new permitting software system that will allow more management and tracking functionality for citizens. Energov is expected to improve the ability of citizens to track their applications, pay for permits, schedule inspections, view inspection results, and search for information related to development and permitting.
The new software aligns with the City's Council's top priority of proactive economic development and the associated action step of modernizing the permitting and plan review process.
"We are very excited to offer this new functionality and look forward to allowing the development community more open information regarding the permitting process," City Chief Building Inspector Les Everett said.
While the new system will be in use on February 11, the City could experience typical software transition issues and some delays in the public's understanding of the new system. Full functionality is expected within 60-90 days.
The Inspections Division will be providing training for users, and step-by-step guidelines will be provided on the City's website. New users will need to complete a short registration process before obtaining access to the site.
Anyone with questions about the new system can contact the Inspections Division at (252) 329-4466.