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Greenville Recognized as an American City of the Future

The following story appeared on the City of Greenville website: 

GREENVILLE, N.C. - Once again, the City of Greenville has been recognized by fDi Magazine on its "American Cities of the Future" list. The City earned a top 10 ranking in both the Human Capital and Lifestyle and Cost Effectiveness categories.


Greenville was ranked sixth in the Micro Cities of the Future Cost Effectiveness category that analyzes wages, commercial rent prices, cost of electricity, construction costs, tax rates, and more. Greenville also ranked eighth in the Micro Cities of the Future Human Capital and Lifestyle category which was based on various factors, such as the number of students, labor force as a percentage of the population, literacy rate, secondary and tertiary enrollment rates, the number of physicians as a percentage of population, and GDP per capita.


"It is wonderful that Greenville continues to receive this type of attention," City Manager Barbara Lipscomb said. "A strong medical and university community along with a highly educated workforce and outstanding support for entrepreneurs make Greenville an attractive destination for new investment, and rankings such as these are evidence that our hidden gem is being discovered. We will continue to build on our recent momentum and ensure that Greenville continues to be recognized as a premier location for investment now and in the future."


fDi Magazine is produced by The Financial Times Ltd., one of the world's leading business news organizations, and is recognized internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy. The magazine analyzed more than 400 locations to compile a shortlist for the American Cities of the Future 2017-18. Data was then collected for the locations under five categories: Economic Potential, Business Friendliness, Human Capital and Lifestyle, Cost Effectiveness, and Connectivity. The purpose of the rankings is to determine the best prospects for inward investment, business expansion, and economic development.


Greenville falls into the Micro Cities category, which includes cities with populations less than 100,000. There are also categories for Small Cities with populations between 100,000 and 250,000, Large Cities with populations between 250,000 and 750,000, and Major Cities with populations over 750,000.


"We are honored to receive this distinction," Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas said. "Greenville is a growing and dynamic city, with a highly educated workforce. We have a surging, vibrant urban core which attracts young professionals, over half a billion dollars of investment in Greenville's city center in the past 2 years.  A community, centered on advanced medicine, pharma, university and workforce training --- a low cost of living in a great climate -- Greenville is well positioned to support steady growth and new opportunities into the future."