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Greenville Awarded $200,000 Federal Brownfields Grant

The following story appeared on city's website:

City Awarded $200,000 Federal Brownfields Grant

Post Date:06/01/2017 11:09 AM
ATLANTA — The City of Greenville has been awarded a federal grant to complete environmental assessments, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Wednesday.COG_1797


The Office of Economic Development for the City of Greenville, as part of its "Moneyball Strategy" to help local businesses and start-ups grow, recently partnered with Carndo, LLC to seek the Brownfields Grant. Greenville was awarded $200,000 to complete environmental assessments for hazardous substances. The grant is intended for brownfield site revitalization to help local governments redevelop vacant and unused properties, transforming communities and local economies.


"City Council and the City Manager's Office created the Office of Economic Development some years ago for situations exactly like this," Greenville Economic Development Director Roger Johnson said. "Our office is simply carrying out the vision of the leaders that had the foresight to create this office." 
While City Council authorized the grant application several months ago, there is an administrative process to accept this grant before funding can be made available for environmental assessments for businesses, start-ups and institutional partners, Johnson said.


A Phase One environmental assessment (ESA) is conducted before purchase and/or construction on a property. A Phase One is an assessment of commercial land to determine if contamination of hazardous substances is present. A typical Phase One Report will allow a buyer or lender to make an informed decision about the  environmental risk before the purchase of the property or determine limitations on future construction. A Phase One assessment can cost $5,000 or more. If contaminants are found during the Phase One assessment, a Phase Two assessment will likely be required. A Phase Two Environmental Assessment consists of collecting soil or ground water samples, often conducted by drill rig, hand auger or backhoe, depending on the site. Phase Two assessments can be very costly.
Funds from the grant will be used to help businesses overcome the financial and environmental barriers to development. Anyone who has commercial property in the City of Greenville and has an interest in accessing the Brownfields Grant funds may contact the Office of Economic Development for more details at (252) 329-4502.