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Greenville Anticipates Little Damage to Economy from Flood

The following is an excerpt from a story that appeared in The East Carolinian on October 19, 2016.

Greenville anticipates little damage to economy from flood
by: Matthew Prensky

As residents around Pitt County begin to rebuild after Hurricane Matthew, experts believe the local economy should not feel any major effect from the storm.

One of the major centers for business in the area is Pitt-Greenville Airport. During Hurricane Matthew the airport did not see any major impact, but ahead of the threat of flooding they were forced to shut down. Much of the flood waters overtook the airport leaving some hangers around the airport with up to two feet of water, according to Gordon Rowell, general manager for the Pitt-Greenville Airport.

“We do not have the traffic that goes in and out of here as far as airlines go,” Rowell said. “We take anywhere between 100-250 people a day in and out of here and obviously they have not been able to make that since last week.”

. . . 

“I do not believe [Hurricane Matthew] will be a major disruption to the Pitt County economy,” said Nicholas Rupp, professor in the department of economics at East Carolina University. “The Pitt County economy thrives on East Carolina University which is still operating, it thrives on Vidant Medical Center which is still open for business and so those two employers are still operating and up-and-running.”

With many individuals returning to work, the county economy should not feel a major effect due to the hurricane. Rupp said the loss of business seen during the hurricane then subsequent flooding was inconvenient, but should not factor into the greater regional economy.

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